Monday, July 15, 2013

Mistress Dee Gets Another Convert! Rekidling the Marriage!

Why convert a hubby into a feminine plaything when you can have the wife too?

Made this playful little caption for Dalene a few years ago as a 2 for 1 caption offer return. Fairly basic in premise, at least until you introduce the wife into the fantasy. If I had a wish to gain a real superpower, I am not wasting it on flying or invisibility or anything like that, I'd want the ability to manipulate and alter peoples minds and bodies. That way I could make all those that wanted their captions to become real enjoy themselves fully .. well after the proper tribute to Queen Dementia!

Was going to put in a new AC unit (10,000 BTU's) I got a good deal on at Lowe's (had an internet coupon) so that I could make captions in this heat wave (the current AC is 6000 BTU's and though its run all day, its now at 85 degrees) BUT lugging it up the stairs to the 3rd floor into this place took all the effort I had in me for the day! Probably throw it in tomorrow after the urology appointment, depending on how well my groinal area feels .. there is a chance the stent could come out. You don't even want to know how they fish it out!!

Think I'm going to head to the store to buy some watermelon and more lemonade. Maybe pick up a salad as well (I'll be posting this later tonight!) The last thing I want to do overheat and/or get dehydrated. That goes for everyone! Make sure your pets, our human and non-human furry pets, are kept cool in these stifling hot weather conditions. Don't make me mad ... you wouldn't like me when I'm mad!

DISCUSSION QUESTION: Perhaps this was discussed awhile back here, but what superpower would you like to have if the opportunity presented itself?


  1. Shape-shifting would easily be on the tops of my super power list. I think it's just the biggest one for me. I also wouldn't might control over gravity or perhaps some elemental power. I think those would be the big one for me.

  2. to program a dvd recorder, have just cocked up the tour de France highlights again!

    1. Tour de France recap for you: Some guy that is on PED's is leading the race, followed by 3 other guys on PED's, then one guy who is clean, then another 3 guys that are on PED's. 4 years from now, that guy who is clean will have been found out to have also been taking PED's that weren't detected at the time.