Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Not the Weekend Ron Had in Mind

The other day I was looking through some photo galleries and saw "Smoking Hot Redheads" so I figured I would take a look. Yeah, they were pretty hot, but this photo is the one that grabbed me, specifically for Steffimarie since it seemed like it was right in her wheelhouse.

This is more of a realistic caption, as Steffi prefers non-magical. At this point in my captioning life, I'm probably about 80 percent magical / 20 percent other .. and its because I've really tried to stretch my creativity over the last year or so. There are others that do non-magical way better than me (Steff for one) but I think I'm much more consistant with this genre than I've been in the past. Before I could make a great one THEN have an absolute clunker. Now its more like 2-3 good ones in a row before I get to a stinker.

Its a short post, but even though its only Tuesday; its been one hell of a week and I've got dental work scheduled for Thursday so I wanted to post something. Profound discussion questions will probably have to wait a few days.

DISCUSSION QUESTION: What TG media do you recommend? Things like Youtube videos or movies on Netflix I may not have seen. One of my favorites still to this day is the transformation scene in Deathstalker. I had it on VHS and used to play the hell out of it. I also wish there were more Doug Henning TV specials on youtube or elsewhere!


  1. Great cap Dee. I'm sure Steffimarie loved it as it really is right up her alley. I think making good 'realistic' caps is one of the hardest tasks to do. Both image wise and story wise. It's so easy to fall into the 'I drank the potion and then I was a girl' thing. When I started out my preferences were toward 'Technology' as opposed to magic just because I thought it felt a little more 'real'. Only later did I realize I used technology so advanced that it may as well be magic and then just embraced magic as a quick 'goto' transformation method.

    But making truly realistic caps is so freaking frustrating. Finding a 'sexy' image that could still conceivably be a guy cross dressed is maddeningly difficult. It seems that I always get close, but there is something 'wrong'. An incredibly flat panty line. A bit too much 'breast' to explain away. A hip to waist ratio that would have sent a young man to the hospital. These images can be used, but then it feels like half the story is explaining away the overtly feminine aspects ('the best damn breast forms you ever saw' or 'a corset that looks just like skin and can take off four inches in a day').

    But when it's done right... damn it's satisfying. That satisfaction drives me to keep trying realistic style caps, while the ease of transformation and the more attention to story makes me accept and use magic.

    As to media... well I can't help there. I find most video based TG media to be outside of my own tastes. They just don't strike the right chord with me. I think the only transformation movie I ever really enjoyed was Switch from 1991. It's was a fun comedy.

    1. She hasn't been on Rachel's Haven since June 5th, so I don't think she'd have seen it unless she saw it posted here.

      Many of my captions have become vague on the "how" and "why" and sometimes it is to obscure the whole "magic" vs "realism" aspect. Other times, its just that I don't think its necessary/relevent to gives anwers in the caption. In that same way, I think that Steffi has often moved beyond "how" in hers too, unless she's trying to get you to feel the binding nature of wearing a corset or the embarassment of the lead character being smeared with Nair, etc ..

      I guess its part of a "character based" caption verse a "plot driven" caption?

  2. Loved this one,from one Dee to another,I absolutely LOVE your Caps.Thank you again luv Diedra

    1. Nice of you to drop in Diedra! Hope you will grace us again soon!

  3. Love this cap!

    Not sure how to answer the TG media question. I'm a huge fan of caps. In fact, caps have supplanted TG text fiction as my favorite. I still love a good TG story (fictionmania, of course, and I still go to storysite even though it doesn't seem to be updated any more), but I've become more visual the last few years.

    I enjoy the confessional / diary vlogs on youtube more than the stories there. It may be because the diary vlogs are fully formed while the story videos on youtube are more like trailers to entice you to buy a full video.

    I've just started reviewing blogs on tumblr (if that's even an accurate term for a blog on tumblr). I find tumblr pages very interesting. Joanna has moved her tg captions to tumblr and added a lot of pictures of great looking girls, too.

    Keep up the great work.

    1. TG captions are great for my ADD/ADHD tendencies. I simply have trouble reading a fictionmania story that is more than 30k (unless its Belladonna .. shout out to Sarene!) and its the same thing creative wise. I've written a few TG stories and they ended up being perhaps 9k from beginning to end.

      I see some of the things on Tumblr, but they really clog up my inbox when people post like 30 images at one time. I almost wish she'd spin them off into "TG Captions" and "Girls I love to look at" so I wouldn't have to wade through 30 announcements on my blogger page.

      Glad you enjoyed .. I would think that this was quite up your alley!

  4. Awesome caption Dee! I'm sure that inside of every fanboy is a fangirl yearning to squeel with delight over the latest episode/issue.

    As for TG media, te only one that comes to mind right now is Ranma 1/2. It's a manga and anime about a martial artist who falls into a cursed spring and as a result is changed into a girl whenever he comes in contact with cold water and only changes back when exposed to hot water. There are several characters with similar curses changing into various animals, and wacky hijinks ensue.

    I'll let you know if I think of any others.

    1. Its not a hyper anime type thing right? I have trouble with focusing on blinky flashy avatar style video.

      I think if I was female, one of the pleasures I would take would be the ability to juse SQUEE whenever I wanted to! Looks weird when Damien does it, you know? LOL

    2. Its an older show so the animation shouldn't be as shiny and flashy as the newer stuff. To be honest I've only seen a few episodes of the anime, but I've read all the manga.

      I know what you mean. I got a few looks when I squee'd over getting the new Kirby ds game for my birthday.

  5. Dee,

    First and foremost, THANK you for the caption!!! /HUGS

    You did a wonderful job on a non-magical, short and to-the-point caption. Kudos on the source image also!

    You're right that I have been a bit scarce over at RH, but also online in general. If I hadn't seen "Ron" in the title here, I prolly wouldn't have seen this little gem... TBH, I'm having a bit of a crisis of faith over captioning at all :(

    I don't want to post about it on MY Blog, as it will denigrate into one of those long, drawn out posts...

    I REALLY appreciate the caption, it put a smile on my face :)