Tuesday, February 28, 2012

As if the genderbend virus wasn't bad enough!

This was a donation caption for Taralyn .. every panel she receives, she'll pay 5 bucks towards the upkeep of the haven. I wish more people would make her a caption so we can keep the web host we have now, OR find a better one that won't crash as much. The Haven seems to get the short end of the stick when it comes to server issues, and the customer support reeks.

You don't usually see enough "its happening RIGHT NOW!" captions, since most people don't want to see mannish women, or femmed out men in their little caption fantasies. Unless you make the physical changes happen first, and write the caption as their mind changes, the writer is in a bit of a bind to make transitional captions.

This picture gave me a chance to play around a bit and create something that was an "in the middle of another change" slice of in the moment captioning. As soon as I saw the picture, it said to me, "guy is changing into a bimbo right now!" The face is obscured a bit, so it can be easier to see yourself in the caption too. It was a nice little moment, and I wrote it up hoping that no one else would find the picture before I had a chance to finish it up.

While not reinventing the wheel, I like the fact that there are multiple changes. First from boy to girl, then an adaption period before I spring the 2nd part from girl to airhead blonde. In a way, that is probably a worse transition than just from boy to bimbo.

I am not sure there is a universe out there called the genderbend virus. I just wanted something vague and generic that would move the plot along. Its more of a deus ex machina than something fleshed out. I apologize a thousand times if I inadvertently infringed upon any established fictional universe and their codes of law. Mea Culpa, Mea maxima culpa.


Few other things I'd like to note. First is that Caitlyn is taking time off to make sure she finishes up her professional training, so I am going to miss her until she gets back. Knowing her these past few years, she is usually "all-in" or "go home" .. no half-measures for Caitlyn! That also means, I don't expect she'll be gone TOO LONG! I'd like to take credit for bringing her to the Haven and making her a must see captioner, but if it wasn't me, I'm sure SOMEONE else would've tickled her fancy enough to get her to start making her own captions!

Also, I noticed that someone has recently created a TG caption site that is pretty much an aggregate of other people's captions. While I don't mind people saving captions I've made to their computers, etc .. and I have no issues with anyone posting my captions elsewhere .. I DO EXPECT that you give CREDIT and a LINK BACK to MY SITE here. The page says its a conglomerate of captions, but if you don't tell people WHO made them, the viewer have no idea who to seek out. Other people on the web do watermarks (like Steffimarie and Simone) but I would prefer to keep my captions free from distractions (and I am very ADHD and often end up staring at their watermarks instead of the caption cuz my eyes wander) so please don't make me rethink my policy on that. I'm glad you like my captions, but please abide my reasonable requests in posting them.

That being said .. if you come here often and DON'T belong to Rachel's Haven .. why the fuck aren't you a member yet?? There are THOUSANDS of captions in the trading area alone, plus a ton of archival sets in the gallery of old lycos and yahoo sites that have since closed shop. If you like to Role Play, you can find a bunch of people to mess around with, and its just a friendly atmosphere all around.

DISCUSSION QUESTION: What type of picture would you think best fits the "the transformation is happening as we read" type caption? What other ways could we write up a caption to use a more generic photo?

PS. You are ALWAYS welcome to ask other questions, make comments, or just sort of ramble if it fits in with something I've touched upon up above!


  1. Loved this. Great choice of source pic, solid copy, and great design echo in the gradient behind the text. :-)

    On the topic of aggregators, another behavior that I detest is modifying the photo/pic/caption to include the aggregators' own "more like this on..." watermark. It's a dick move.

  2. I'm pretty sure I know what site you speak of. I found it and left a comment about linking back. No response and appears no effort to try to link back to original caption homes. This bothers me and I know a few others who won't be pleased with it either.

    One visual technique I've wanted to use for "it's happening now" is to use a multi-exposed image of a woman in various poses. example - she's on a bed thrashing around. Makes for a good visual of the transformation

    1. There's a promotional photo from the classic Incredible Hulk TV show that I think exemplifies the multiple exposure technique you're describing.

      And since Blogger won't let me embed the pic, here's the link to it:


  3. I really don't want to do a watermark, and the only thing I can think of to NOT be distracting is to post the original to the Haven, and anything I post here .. put a small url of this blog somewhere in the borders. They could try to cut it out but it'd probably cut some of the text body as well and look horrible PLUS it might take too much effort for them to futz around with it.

    @ Victoria

    I know that picture you posted .. and there was a similar one for the promotional stuff done for "Dr. Jeckyl and Ms. Hyde" starring Tim Daly from Wings.

    @ Simone

    Well, you COULD always report the site. I mean, you tried to be reasonable. I haven't been to the site since I viewed it the other day, so I'm not sure if they've posted since you contacted them.