Sunday, April 14, 2019

'Palm' Sunday Should Really Be the Day After Easter Sunday!

So ummm, Palm Monday will fall on April 22 this year. Be there or be square!

Made this one for DSS25, and right before I posted it to her folder, I tacked on the last paragraph, figuring it would be better if I did mention at least one of her names. I'm hoping it didn't make the text too small to read.

For those non-Christian types, or those who don't follow religion anymore, today is when followers wave around palm fronds. But since we here tend to think differently, I went someplace else with the thought. I'm sure you figured out what the "palm" means here, am I right? Good!

And most of the porn searches do have these as their top items. Bimbo Mind Control is more of my favorite, but any sort of mind control or magical transformation will get me going .. there are much more amateur porn stars that are willing to act out scenarios like we have on this blog all the time. Whether it's "changing you" while talking to you, or them pretending to already be changed, it's amazing how far our little fetishes are becoming mainstream wank fodder for paid web sites. To be honest, it wouldn't shock me of a few of those ladies are dropping into our blogs occasionally .. or more likely, I've got a few readers who follow blogs like this and are willing to throw a few hundred dollars to web models to bring our words to life! I for one am totally for it!

If you are so inclined, I would suggest checking out and and typing in magical transformations or sissy or gender transformations. There is so much out there. Even if you just use pornhub for freebies, you'll be bound to find something there, especially if you want to be bound! Dad jokes! Hahahaha!

So you want the story behind the caption? Ok, here it is in quick format. I wanted to make a caption today, and specifically for Desiree, so I went looking for pictures. I found this one that was at the beginning of a set from Brazzers. The place LOOKED like a house where porn was shot, and the pink pants made me think of Easter. I thought it'd be great if her boyfriend was changed right before Easter .. aka the Spring Renewal, aka rebirth of nature, etc .. Since you don't see him, I thought it'd be great if he ended up looking mostly like her and went with POV. From there, it was just filling in the blanks .. and that HE was trying to manipulate her and make it sound like SHE was the reason they were losing business. Once she learned how to deal with analytics (he'll have lots of anal now, won't he?) his die was cast. The rest is just standard "getting what he deserves" and then some!

Comment below as to what happens next! I'm not sure if "little bunny Desiree" is meant to be a trigger phrase to get him under hypnosis again or just a nickname for him when he's a bimbo (or maybe both?!) What other things do they get into to increase their market share? Voice lessons? Strap ons from former porn stars he's banged? You tell me what you think!

I hadn't thought of it but perhaps I'll do a sequel on Easter if I can find the picture and story to go with it. Let's cross our fingers!


  1. Oh, if you're thinking of an Easter sequel, I think you have to do some kind of seasonal theme - maybe something simple like a Playboy Bunny outfit, or something more blasphemous, like being dressed as a nun. Oh, a nun tied to a Saint Andrew's Cross, now that would be something!

    1. The bunny outfit definitely crossed my mind. We'll see if I can find something that jogs a sequel out of me.

  2. Yay to more wonderful captions! Another great hypnosis caption.

    Boo to the dad jokes!

    1. Well, this blog has 140+ hypnosis captions and over 300 mind control, though some of these might overlap .. so hopefully you've found a few more good ones!