Saturday, October 7, 2017

Teacher, Don't You Fill Me, Up With your Rules ...

Everybody Knows that Smokin' Ain't Allowed at School!

Saw this set of smoking photos and the song came into my brain and wouldn't let go. Just had to caption it, and right away I knew that it would work well for Ian. Trying to boil it down to the one panel was quite hard, as i can imagine that you could write your own story and have it match up with what I was writing, so I tried to make it a little bit different. Do we often get "bad boy to bad MILF" as a trope in TG Captions? Maybe we do and I don't read those as much? If so, I will certainly pay more attention in the future!

At this point in time, cigarettes are a good method of transformation. I mean, they are very addictive and relatively unacceptable in society at this point. If you smoke, you know EXACTLY what you are getting into, and its taboo nature does play well into the forbidden change of sex that could be forced unto a protagonist because he couldn't beat temptation. It's YOUR fault that you've got big tits now and want to suck on lots of cocks! Smoking also has that oral fixation too. Well, SOMETHING has to be in your mouth, so hers another compulsion for your to deal with!

The irony in all this is that I remember being a teen, and the ratio of girls who smoked to guys was almost 2 to 1, in favor of girls. I dated quite a few girls that smoked (yuck!) and barely had any male friends that did so at all. Perhaps I tended to entice bad girls (true!) and bad girls tended to smoke .. but it was there. Even now, I know more females that smoke than males. Hey! Maybe its the brand that Miss Jenkins is smoking .. it's real!

The actual video for this song is sooo dumb and 80's and dumb. Uggh! Crue had some good videos, but when they sucked, they really sucked!

At least this video is bad in a really good way!

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  1. Thanks for the starting roll(up) I think my first cigarette was at school.( I won't write
    fag. for some reason that makes Americans laugh?) Any ways 37 years later they still have their deemon grasp on me. I have not tried your suggested substitute but nothing else has worked!
    P S I know your a fan. the world is very silly.