Friday, May 15, 2015

After 30 Years, They Give Me a Watch?

.. although times does fly when you are having fun! (click on picture to embiggen it!)

Made this one for Shauna Marie, and it came to me in a weird way. I was surfing through the most recent posts on Rachel's Haven, and came across a caption called, "Early Retirement" by recently spotlighted captioner, Erin91 from Erin's Lustful Thoughts, and from just seeing that title, I pretty much had 90 percent of the story written in my head. That sent me on a search to find a picture with an attractive woman showcasing a watch of some sort.

You'd think I'd have hundreds of photos to choose from to grace a caption like this, but using Google image search, it was much harder than it should have been, especially once you weed out all the licensed pictures they show that have watermarks and whatnot. I determined that the one I chose was the best one for what I needed to do (even though the top of her head is cut off!) and set it into a setting as best I could. This tends to happen when I have the story idea first .. I can never find the perfect image to go along with it, which is why 98 percent of the time I find a picture I like, then write the story around it.

So once I had it as good as it was going to be, I wrote up the story. The last thing I did was do a quick reading through Erin's original caption, as I had avoided even looking at it so I wouldn't even subconsciously plagiarize it. I didn't think our captions would be much alike, but until I viewed it, I wasn't quite sure. Thankfully we were definitely on different wave lengths when it came to plot lines so no harm, no foul.

What have we learned from making this caption? Well, once again, it is always good to have a story idea, but it really should be flexible enough to be malleable once you find a picture, and be willing to go where the photo takes you. My plot didn't really have any other places to go, and when THIS was the best image, there WAS no direction other than what was already in my head. It is an effective caption, but it wasn't as cohesive as I'd have liked it to be.

One of my favorite bands doing one of my favorite songs acoustically!

Another song about time from another one of my favorite bands .. The Dresden Dolls!

Coming in the next day or two .. the next DIY Challenge! It is an interesting picture that doesn't scream out any particular story, but should hopefully make people think .. and create!


  1. i share this guys pain i've been 28 years at the same company. am hoping for a padded cell to babble away my remaining years.
    i agree i have many an idea on hold just waiting for the right photo. i have cut and pasted afew to get by but never looks quite right i know some captioners are realy good at this.

  2. Great cap.
    I already got my watch after ten years on the job, just not a lovely watch like that. After tweny years I got a bonus, worth maybe two similar watches. And the prospect to work thirty years at the same plant are not good, as the owner wants to close the plantsite were I work. I can add maybe eighteen months to it at best.

    Having to work an extra ten years and becoming a woman I just might take the offer, but thirty years? I don't know. On the other hand, if it would mean they had to guarantee me a suitable job for the next thirty years, it would even be a good prospect. Better yet, becoming thirty years younger and a woman now. I'd be in my late teens. A way better age to start over again.

    Most of my caps are inspired by the picture as well, but when I write the story before having a picture, I sometimes rewrite small parts to tie the picture and the story together, as long as the essence of the story isn't lost. But then I even rewrite stories when they are inspired by the picture, if it doesn't feel right.