Monday, April 30, 2012

Why Are Superheroes So Shiny?

With Avengers coming out soon, I figured I'd ask that simple question ... Why Are Superheroes so shiny, and usually wear skimpy outfits? I am sure that most people don't mind, but does it give them a tactical advantage? Less drag with flying through the air or racing through time itself? Are they all kinky little bastards that enjoy S&M or at least have a contrained fetish? If I ever come across a superhero, I'll be sure to ask them what is their deal!

I wanted to throw up another quick little post, since life is busy and aggravating the last week or so. Also, Alectra keeps saying there are lots of latex fans out there, figured I'd give them a little shout out! Made this one a few years ago, and I don't THINK I've posted it here before, but maybe I have. Got too many posts to go through to check up on it at this point. Just did a quick look and I think I'm ok!

DISCUSSION QUESTION:  I know the "What superpower would you want to have?" is played out, so here is a different topic. Which superhero would you want as a significant other? What would the benefits and what would be the challenges involved with having one as your love interest?

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Because You're Mine .. I Walk the Line

Won't have a full-fledged post since I'll be wandering off to watch the NFL Draft tonight in about 15 minutes. I did want to post something since it is going to be a busy weekend, so I might not get a chance to post something in the next few days.

I found this picture and was quite smitten with it to say the least. The pose really lead me to a cross-dressing caption thought, with her holding her ankle as if she was a bit uncomfortable, but she doesn't look unhappy. From there, it didn't take much to think of a "walk a mile in another person's shoes" idea, but I wanted it to have a pleasant ending. "Because your mine, I walk the line" popped into my head, as I'm a big fan of Johnny Cash. I didn't feel the need to work that into the caption, but it played a part of the creation, so titling it that seemed really natural.

Here is what I wrote in the post on the Haven:
Since you don't seem to mind straight up cross-dressing, I figured I would make you "The Man in Black (Heels)" but at least its an acceptable height .. for now at least!
On a side note, there is just something guttural and primal about Johnny Cash songs that draws me in. I was actually in a country western band when I was younger as it pretty much paid for the PA, microphones, and recording equipment for my punk band. Johnny Cash songs were never overly musical or hard to play, and sublimely repetitive, but they never droned on for me the way a Randy Travis did/does. That shuffling beat and basic bass line could just transport you to far away places that existed long ago.

DISCUSSION QUESTION: What draws you into a TG caption blog the most? Is it the caption content? The discussion around the captions? The real life stuff? The design? Figured I'd ask since I had a captioner recently message me asking for some pointers.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

The Cruel Mistress .. and an Anime question!

Sometimes the cruel Mistress in me comes out more than usual. I tend to be more of a playful taunting minx than strict and dominating. Honestly it is much more fun AND closer to my real personality. However, the true bitch comes out in grand style when need be, and I can usually keep it under control. If not, my manipulative side comes out big time!

Its truly a mindset though, and this somewhat early caption set tapped into it well. For me, the pictures exposed too much that I didn't want shown, so I took the unique step (for me at least) of using ovals to only show what I thought was necessarily to move the story along. Unfortunately, I didn't have a good enough picture to leave "Mistress Dee" out of the frame in the ending caption, but it fit in well with the plot conclusion so I bit my tongue and used it.

The captions were made about 2.5 years ago, and I'm surprised I haven't done more like this design-wise, where its almost like a peek-hole show for the viewer/reader. I will have to keep this in mind when making future captions, and think about using certain masks over the picture to present a certain perspective, like a keyhole shot.

Love your caps! Do you think you could do some with anime? Thanx!
This is an easy question to answer! First off, thanks for the affirmation that you enjoy/love my caps. The main reason why I don't usually do anime captions is .. I don't read anime, so I tend not to look at source material (pictures) of anime. I realize that 85 percent of my captions are magical, and tend not to be realistic, but I can still think of them as being real. I don't picture myself as a cartoon version of myself, male or female, so its hard to relate to that in caption form. I've made some for people that enjoy anime pictures, so I don't begrudge them, but I probably SUCK at making captions with that sort of image.

Looking over the entire collection of Dementia caption creations, I only found 2 where I used a strictly anime picture. All the rest were old pin-ups, old advertisements, or other bits of art not considered to be anime. So there is the one above this paragraph, and the one (which was part 2 of a 2 part caption .. so I won't post the first part) below!

IF someone posts some good anime pictures to their folder on the Haven, and I can make a story with it, I would certainly give it a shot. I tend not to go out of my way to find those pictures though.

DISCUSSION QUESTION: When you look at captions with anime picture sources, what do you expect from them? Should the plot line revolve around the source's original story? Should it be just like a regular photo caption and people will look at it like its the real world but animated? I'm not really sure what I would do with it, so I am definitely opening up the floor for comments to help me understand!

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Lickable Cookie Wallpaper .. photo challenge!

Wasn't planning on making a post this weekend, but I was wandering around the TG blogs online and came upon Lady in my Dreams .. she posted a picture that was figuratively yummy .. and a request to have people make a caption out of it. I like challenges so I snagged the picture and went right to town with that delicious picture.

Is it a great caption? Nah, not at all. I do think its cute and fun though, and since I spent maybe 10 minutes on it in total (the hardest part was coming up with cookie names .. thank you Wikipedia and Google!) I wanted to make a quickie. The only 'cookie" I had thought of right away was ladyfingers, and I didn't really see any of those on the wall. I am not sure a more cake-like cookie would work well on a wall so I can see why they left them out. As for me, I would be more likely to staple pop-tarts to the wall than cookies, but to each their own!

She only posted a few hours ago, so if you feel like it, head on over to her site and see what you ca do with the picture! I am not sure if I asked this before, but would you readers like me to post some picture challenges?

DISCUSSION QUESTION: I have a formspring question in the queue that I will get to at some point soon. Any other topics you would like to me to cover? How about things I've brought up before that you'd like to see in a bit more detail? The floor is yours!

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Rachel's Little Calendar Girl

Made this caption for Emily, who is Rachel's real life boyfriend, and currently a good caretaker of her since she started with the cancer and stomach ailments. Figured that enough people make captions for Rach, but not many for someone that is really at ground zero for the medical care.

I had a slight issue, since I don't think that Emily has ever posted real preferences. I did remember most of what Rachel told me about "the boy" in our IM conversations (back when I had time for YIM regularly) so I winged it, figuring even if Em wasn't a huge fan, then Rachel would probably get a good kick out of it. From beginning to end, it probably took me maybe 10 minutes to make.

As time goes on, I find that its much easier to make sissy, cross-dressing,  and/or non-forced captions. It could be that I've made so many magical ones that I find it more interesting to make something different OR that I've just expanded my horizons reading blogs like Steffimarie's or Saragirl's Sissy Confessions. The whole cuckolding thing seems somewhat creepy to me, but its a welcome change of pace I think.

The above caption makes me wonder what exactly is more embarrassing, the dressing up like that, or the realization that you are turned on by the situation. I left it somewhat vague as to what exactly turned Emily on .. whether it was the soft, feminine clothing or being teased about what he was wearing and being called a feminine name. The fact that it was playful and loving, and not mean spirited, took some of the edge off I think, and hopefully makes it more palatable to the people who aren't usually into sissy/cd captions.


URRGGHH, I broke a tooth last night eating cheese curls, so I spent over an hour in the dentist chair this afternoon as they drilled, grinded, and finally saved the rest of it by heaping lots of whatever it is they rebuild teeth out of nowadays. Thank goddess they were able to save it, since I didn't want to have another tooth pulled (and this one is one of the back teeth .. a molar?) and I HATE having dental work done since (1) I don't have a dental plan, and (2) I have a really small mouth so any dental stuff makes my jaw ache for days. I can't say enough things about my dentist right now, as I REALLY thought I was totally fucked. It still feels weird in my mouth and the Novocaine hasn't worn off, so I wanted to write this before any possible onset of pain.

I remember watching this video when I was young thinking, if ONLY going to the dentist's office made me look like Pat Benatar at the end of this video .. I'd go there MUCH more often!


DISCUSSION QUESTION: I know that the embarrassing/humiliating aspect of a TG caption is a big hook. Is it better when its completely forced or when you have SOME control of what is happening? and is the actual compliance part of it, or something totally different? I'm trying to get a handle on what components are hot button pushers when it comes to these things in a caption. If I get a few responses, I will definitely follow up with some of my own when it comes to this topic.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

I Won! I Won! ... Zero Post results!

Made this caption 18 months ago as a pay off for a fantasy football loss.  Thought it encapsulated the whole TG caption thing pretty nicely and also, sometimes its not a win-win situation.

For instance, I was hoping to give out 3 free issues of the Haven Quarterly, but I got only two responses WHICH I don't think is too bad. Honestly, I would bet that most of the commenters here at Dee-lusions of Grandeur probably contributed to the actual issues so they didn't need incentive.

The good news is that I hopefully will get them hooked on commenting in others blogs, especially when they see how awesome these issues are. The winners are Meridon and Foggy713. They'll have to comment here (or PM me on the Haven) on which issue they would like to own, and I'll set up the access. I don't think I need to mention that the PDF shouldn't be file-shared, right?

My contributions were of the following: 

Issue 3: a few advertisements scattered throughout the 92 pages! Plus an exclusive "Ask a Mistress" column which is one of the stranger things I've ever written.

Issue 2: I participated in a "one pic, many stories" caption where 5 captioners were given the same picture and told to make a caption however they wanted to do it. I made a really poignant one that Hollywood sort of stole for a recent Tom Hanks movie! I'm sure my version is sexier though! I also did a really sexy "Ask a Mistress" that ended up in the erotic naughty section!

Issue 1: I think I contributed the back cover of the magazine.

So if you haven't gotten a copy of any of these yet .. why haven't you? If you need one to complete your set .. go get one!

DISCUSSION QUESTION: Work is finally going to slow down from FULL THROTTLE to something more manageable. I always hate this time of year there. I want some more TG/TF links to places I should be reading and enjoying, so what new or forgotten stuff have you been enjoying?  "Forever Changing" seems to be down now, so I lost a place that had many transformational stories .. any recommendations for some sites to replace it with?

Friday, April 13, 2012

Kill - Fuck - Marry .. and Haven Quarterly Contest!

Well, no one commented on my last post, where I asked for people's suggestions on a contest to give out a few freebie copies of the Haven's Quarterly magazine .. but it gave me a wonderful idea for the contest that hopefully people will try to do.

There are a number of blog posts on here that have no comments. Some aren't a big deal, specifically mentioning that the Haven Quarterly is now available, or my first introduction post. However, there are some that I would have hoped would be cool enough to have someone comment on them, but they haven't gotten much in the way of love and affection.

I have tagged those postings "zero post" and you'll be able to click on the tag at the bottom of THIS post to see which ones are available. The contest is really easy. Find a caption post from the tag, and make a meaningful comment about it. You can talk about something in the discussion question or on the caption itself. As long as you focus on something to do with the post, that should be fine.

Once someone has commented, it is no longer a "Zero post" anymore, now is it? I think there are 6 or 7 posts with that designation so there should be enough to go around! I certainly wouldn't mind more than one comment per posting, but only the FIRST POST of each is eligible to win. If there are more than 3 people to qualify, I'll pick the best 3 to receive the award. You'll HAVE to be a member of Rachel's Haven to win, but its free to join so get to it!

A few people mentioned that they did not see their comments right away after posting. I believe Blogger has it set up that if you haven't posted to my blog before .. they withhold it from display until I approve it .. this is mostly so that I don't get spam messages in the blog. I have had a few people submit spam links and such in the comment section. Once you hit submit, the next time I pop on, I'll approve the post!

I might run this contest again at some point, with varying prizes.

DISCUSSION QUESTION: I made this caption as a 80's campy action type flick, and I can picture Damien and Tom being played by Rowdy Roddy Piper and Rutger Hauer, and the DeeDee and Kara roles filled by Cybil Danning and Bridgette Nielson. Have you ever played this game, and who would you have starring in a movie version of this caption, both male and female? You can set it in any movie genre and time.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Another Point of View

Still been swamped at work. Hopefully after Monday, things will be back to normal and/or even slower but I have a feeling that it will be busier than usual until June .. then hopefully a smooth and easy Summer ... though I have a feeling I'll be overhauling the website and other things as work tries to update its communications. Jeez, rereading this, no one people drink in bars when they talk about their days at work! Boring!

Here's a little something that hit me as I was looking at pictures to save for later captioning. I knew it wouldn't be for anyone in particular, and also that it would be a quickie .. so I whipped it up right away. I was looking for a bimbo image for another caption (I will post it here soon, I promise!) and this gave me a completely different vibe than what I wanted for that, BUT was good enough to work with.

This blog hit 200 followers the other day. I know its not officially 200 because there are a few porn spamming followers but its close enough for me. It took a few weeks to go from 198 to 200 so I'm not going to split hairs over a bit of a technicality.

To celebrate, I have a few issues of the Haven Quarterly to give out to a lucky reader or two, courtesy of Nadine. She was running a contest for someone to create a watermark for her captions. I made her three (none of which she chose by the way!) so she donated 30 dollars toward the upkeep of the Haven. Obviously, you must be a member of Rachel's Haven to receive a copy, and you can choose ANY of the issues .. so if you need volume 3 to complete your collection, ask for that one!

So, here's the fun part. I need the readers to hopefully come up with a good idea on how to give away two issues of the Haven Quarterly.

DISCUSSION QUESTION: Should I run a contest? Something involving captions or comments? Picking a number from 1 to 100? Rock / Paper / Scissors / Lizard / Spock? The person with the best suggestion gets a copy of their choice of issues of Haven Quarterly. How am I going to pick the winner? Probably by putting on my Willie Wonka hat and acting as whimsical as possible!

Monday, April 9, 2012

Gender Studies .. and more tit for tat discussion!

This is from a comment Nadine had on a previous topic relating to the whole "Tit for Tat" discussion we've been having here at "Dee-lusions of Grandeur" as well as at Rachel's Haven. It made me wonder what exactly my ENDGAME was and how to achieve it.
When I say that I don’t like shemales or crossdressing, it’s not that I don’t want to see that in a cap. If it is a step into a complete change than it is OK as it can be used to show the moment where you got changed or why you got changed. I just don’t wish to end as a shemale or getting stuck as a crossdresser.

However I wouldn’t mind if a shemale was the one who change me as s(he) was extracting my male energy. Also crossdressing wouldn’t be so bad if it would somehow call forth a change into a complete woman (magical clothes, caught wearing female clothes which cause someone to change my body to fit those clothes)

So I agree that posting ‘shemale’ and ‘crossdresser’ as dislikes is really vague. But how should you then explain it in a few words?
The above caption *IS* technically a shemale AND cross-dressing caption. At THAT point in time, Drew/Lindsay has male genitals and presents as female in dress and appearance. I have also set it up that it seems to be some sort of hypnosis that is changing him. I wouldn't say that is magic, and it would take a leap of faith that she'll stumble upon a magic something to make her completely female.

I don't really consider this a shemale caption though. I wonder if other people give that much thought to things like this when making their captions. If you don't like shemale captions, would this one make you mad if you received it? I guess it COULD be a cross-dressing caption, but it isn't overt.

I still think it has more to do with the image used than the words, especially when someone is projecting themselves into the caption. In that case, the words are just giving the background on what the picture entails as it relates to the recipient. I can read one of Caitlyn's ball-sucking captions, and think, "Gee that is hawt!" since its someone else in that role, but would be quite disoriented if the character deep-throating the stud was .. Dee. If someone had made a caption with Dee-Dee (my bimbo alter-ego) in it, and mentioned that she'd sucked off a few guys, or if DEE had fucked a guy to somehow get revenge .. I might go along with it if it was within the character I've built for myself, but it'd have to be IN the story and NOT in the picture.

SOOOOOO, how to explain the intricacies with your preferences without being overly wordy and possibly stifling creativity? I can think of a few things I would suggest.

Break your preferences down to basics. What I mean is .. in the first part of your preferences, just give your basic information, like age range, Male and Female name, and some things you would really like to see in captions made for you. Think of it as a sales pitch. How would you describe you describe it if you had five-to-ten seconds to sell what you wanted? Perhaps mine would be, "swap of status with un-controlled compulsions, partial to hosiery."

Have a section where you can make suggestions. List some scenarios that please you BUT keep them as vague as you can. Try to stay away from "If I am a blonde in the caption, I should be dominant, unless I'm a lesbian, then its alright but only light bondage, except if my partner is wearing those steampunk googles, which means you can etc .." A folder with pictures of women you'd like to be in captions will also guide other captioners as to what you'd like to see.

Try to make sure your preferences don't contradict each other. I've seen people mention that they only want to be lesbians .. then a few spaces down mention they have a soft spot for pregnancy. Maybe others can work in artificial insemination into their caption,. but for me, I'm like the marines in that I get in, do the job, and get out. You want to be an Asian whore, then mention later that you hate stereotypical and cliched writing? Sweetie, you picked one of the least subtle characterizations around. Expect tons of "me love you long time" quotes.

Try to limit things you don't like to a minimum. Make the point as to why you don't like it if the reason isn't too clear. "I hate being a blonde because my ex-wife Inga is a complete bitch and has made me hate their very existence .. so stay away from any Inga's in captions as well!" would definitely tell me to stay away from that hair color! My dislikes are thusly defined in my prefs as such:
Things to Avoid:I would prefer no male genitals in the pics unless it is decently tasteful. No cum shot facials either.
Give them a chance to engage you! Invite them to bounce ideas when they think of something that is "outside the box" in regards to your preferences. The worst thing that can happen is your preferences are too rigid. You'll end up with a bunch of almost duplicate captions in your trading folder, and at some point, those will dry up once people run out of ways to regurgitate the same things over and over. At two points in my preferences, I mention that they should contact me if they have questions.
If you have something else in mind, ASK ME ... I might be interested!
Also, if you have ideas that do not conform with what I've posted, please do not hesitate to PM me with what you have in mind. We might be able to find some common ground! 
Keep it current. If you receive a caption from someone, and it really made you tingle .. figure out what did that and add it to what you would like to see. We all evolve, and as time goes on, I'm seeing less and less gothy captions. I don't mind them, but I enjoy lots of other things as well. The gothy Dee tends to appear more as an agent of change than someone being changed into a goth, and I have no problem with that, as evidenced by the amount of captions I've written myself into!

DISCUSSION QUESTIONS: Do you think the above caption is a shemale caption? crossdressing? Any suggestions I made you think are way off the target? dead center bulls-eye? What other things would you suggest be added to the listings I have written?

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Hoppy Easter Everyone! with Hooters!

Wanted to wish everyone a happy holiday weekend, whether you had Passover on Friday or Easter today. If you celebrate neither, than hope your weekend was filled with lots of Spring related activities, with the weather co-operating! Its been about 50-60 here in New England for the entire weekend, so YAY for us! Not quite bikini weather, but I love room temperature outside!

This weekend I cleaned the window screens, scrubbed the various fans we use during the summer, started to clean out the pantry and emergency food supply, and changed the locks on our front door. In a few hours, the family will be eating some ham, stuffing, etc ... at my Memere's, then watching the Red Sox lose again in Detroit.

Sometime this week, I will make another "tit for tat" themed post, as a few comments have spurned more thoughts on my part. Also I think a few "blog exclusive" captions might get posted.  Still more surprises coming, so please keep commenting!

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

It "seams" that the heel is on the other foot!

Not sure why I didn't get more discussion on the last post. Caitlyn brought up some good points, and I hoped others would have some insight on a subject where I could use more points of view. The blog itself got over 5k in views for the day, which is probably 2k more than average so people were reading/viewing. I guess it wasn't the good topic I thought it would be. The discussion is still on the table for those who wish to chime in .. as are any of the past blog postings.

Formspring question from Geoffrey.
If you could change one thing about the way Blogger works what would it be?
There are quite a few things I would change about Blogger. One would be its over-reliance on hooking up everything through Google YET it doesn't include Google Analytic stuff to let you know all the stats unless you make a concerted effort to install it. The basics only give you a rough estimate of what people are actually viewing .. for instance, I have no idea what my top 10 most read posts are, unless I set a certain widget to display "all time" stats, and it doesn't say HOW MANY more times the top one is from any of the others. Then again, I haven't updated to the "new blogger interface" so perhaps this mini-rant is all in vain! Oh well. Even if it WAS updated, I'd probably get mad at the changes they made, a la Facebook and their new TIMELINE feature.

Ok everyone! Lets get commenting! I might have a surprise for some lucky commenter, especially if they are a member of Rachel's Haven. Details to follow soon!

Monday, April 2, 2012

"Tit for Tat" ... Be a Slut, Save your Manhood!

Here is the long-awaited part two of the discussion on "Tit for Tat" that deals with preferences. I would apologize for not posting for over 10 days or so, but truth be told, there was no way around it.

Work has been brutal and probably will be until the middle of the month, with regular work during the day and some group/seminars here and there in the evening that make it not worth driving home for, so I usually just stay there at work or hang out with co-workers at a restaurant until its time for the various committees to meet.

I'll do what I can to make sure I cover this topic as best I can, and hope that with discussion in the comments section, I can elaborate more and fill in any gaps I didn't take care of initially in this post.

Here is a piece of what I posted in the original topic back on Rachel's Haven.
Also, things like "no she-male" come up, but I'll have a great story in mind where its just a woman in the picture, and the story implies that there are no magical changes .. so is THAT a she-male or crossdressing? If someone is being changed magically, but its a slow change, and the caption is during the middle of the change (which I do tend to make "in the moment" captions), is THAT considered "she-male"?I  think we on the Haven are going to have to define more of what "no she-male" means, since I've been seeing that a lot.
For me, I consider "she-male" to imply either a dick-girl that is naked with female features (like boobs and hips) and showing off the male genitalia pretty prominently in the image, or more of a drag queen persona that will NOT be removing their dick and balls and incorporates both into their sexuality.

What I highlighted in the quotes often puts me in a quandary .. am I following someone's preferences if I am leaving them not quite finished in the groinal region? I don't usually use actual "she-male" models in captions and tend to use non-nude images so THAT wouldn't violate their preferences .. but if the change isn't quite complete, or I'm leaving it vague as to whether they'll keep their male bits .. is THAT considered a "she-male" or "Crossdressing" caption?

Perhaps what it comes down to is the preference for the picture or for the scenario/plot. Both? Neither? I'm not quite sure so its another one of those things I'd like to have people ruminate upon.

For me, I think I want the model to look female, but at this point in time, I don't necessarily mind still having male bits in the story line, as long as I can't see them in the image. The caption above represents this quite nicely. Many people (including the recipient) really liked the caption, even though they all mentioned "they don't like partial changes." which leads me back to the initial question!

DISCUSSION QUESTION: What do YOU think when people mention NO "she-male" and/or "crossdressing" in their preferences? How would someone clarify their position and should they do so? Is their apprehension more of a plot issue or an aversion to certain images and what that entails?