Saturday, July 21, 2012

Sometimes you've got to MAN UP!

Had some time to play around this morning and early afternoon. The heat has finally chilled off a bit, and I'm sitting here in front of the computer without the AC in what seems like a month or so.

I made this 'caption' on my birthday apparently, as it has a 6.30.12 modified date in my photo viewer. I guess it was me making a motivational poster of some sort. When I was looking for something to post that I wouldn't have to go into too much detail about, I found it and figured, why not post it now? I know we all like to be pretty and smell nice, but getting down and dirty and sucking it up is definitely a girl trait.


I will update this section as needed throughout the weekend as little thoughts pop into my head. I might make this a standard weekend thing if it works out well. Keep checking back in here!

Made a few more captions afterwards while chatting with Caitlyn (briefly) and Bren (for 30 minutes) and will be posting one of them to Anastasia's trading folder since I owed her one. Its a latex caption, so all you tight clothing fans should check it out. I don't do those that often, and I'm not really a fan of being in restrictive clothing (or anything restrictive really) so I probably don't do it nearly as well as others do.

Stuff I'm reading includes THIS from Caitlyn which is VERY steamy, yet you COULD read it in mixed company because there is NO NUDITY! Anyone that is a fan of sissy/cuckold type stuff like that at Saragirl's Sissy Confessions needs to skip on over there RIGHT NOW and check it out!

Also started reading THIS story at Fictionmania from Greta called "Interview with a She Male". Only a few pages in, but it seems like a good set-up. Perhaps I'll stop liking it halfway in, but seems like a great story idea for a caption series, especially if it involved hypnosis training.

As I've continued onward, its pretty well written, though it does stretch reality somewhat and not in a magical sort of way .. I mean, almost EVERY woman he meets wants to feminize men and/or enjoys the hell out of sissies? If this was true, I think most of the TG readers out there would already BE IN situations like this which would leave no time to actually POST online! I'm about halfway through, and I'll probably continue reading sometime later on in the week.

I plan on disabling the CAPTCHA device on commenting if it will help those on mobile devices, but reserve the right to reverse the decision if I get a bunch of spam or trolls. Hopefully this will be a noble experiment that succeeds!

Steffi's Caption Contest is ongoing, and runs through August 1st. Steffimarie provides the picture and its up to you to make the best one you can. I decided to have some fun and whipped one up a few hours ago. I would welcome everyone to give it a shot and have some fun! Click HERE for more details and check out the rest of the site while you are there!

For fun, I decided to Google "Deementia TG" and I got 2 actual captions made by me in the large image section, and 6 in the medium size section. I used that search because none of my captions came up with "Dementia TG". The fun part of this search is there are HUNDREDS of caption in those searches that were made FOR ME, just not BY me .. that or I commented in another blog (I swear a few hundred of Steffiemarie's captions were in that list!) If you want to search out my work through Google, the best way to image search is with "Deementia captions" as even the caption above in this very post is already searchable apparently.

Updated my avatar on the Haven, and chose a different quote. I usually try to go about 6-9 months between updating avatars, but I think this one lasted almost a year? Not sure I'll keep this one. Figure I will open it up to comments. And yes, that *IS* the same model I use for all my avatars.

DISCUSSION QUESTION: How often do you think in terms of TG? Is it in everyday life or just at certain times, like sitting in front of a computer looking at the Haven or caption blogs like this one? Do you think that perhaps whatever situation you were in at the time would be different if you were your online persona instead of your current real life identity?

Feel free to comment on anything, not just what the discussion question asks! 


  1. See, this is why I like your blog, you can never predict what's coming next!

    I quite the motivational aspect of your caption, I think I'm just that sort of person, and I think the image is very nice.

    In terms of your discussion question... I'm not sure, if I'm honest. Some days I can literally think of little else, or else it gets into everything I'm doing. Other days I might not even remember what it stood for, so if someone said it I'd have a moment before I twigged what was going on. Sometimes it is incredibly insistent, like a student waving their arms about, and others it just sits quietly in a corner until I look over at them.

    As for personae, I find that my online persona is pretty close to my normal one - part from the avatar. I make an effort to be more 'me' online, I guess, so I'm a little more effusive generally and say things in a way I wouldn't risk in real life - where I try to be more private and a bit more hard bitten. If I acted more like 'me' in my job... I'd be sacked :) So many people I see are in need of a hug every now and again and I'd probably offer it if I was me more.

    1. After awhile, I think my unpredictability becomes quite predictable, don't you think, Joanna?

      For me, I can still seem threatening, but since I'm not in my 20's anymore, I can be more empathetic. I assume its also because of my parenting activities, but maybe its a bit more of Dee coming to the surface now and again.

  2. I do find myself thinking about TG a lot. There will be many moments throughout the day that will spark off a caption idea. I'm one of those people who is rarely able to switch off where certain things are concerned.

    My online persona is quite close to the real me but I do find it bleeding through occasionally. I have to say I find the CAPTCHA device annoying mainly because I can barely make out what I'm supposed to be typing in anyway. It just adds a level of frustration to posting a comment.

  3. Thanks for pointing people to my cap Dee. For being a cap posted on the weekend, a cap without a dirty picture and a fairly clean story, and a cap with a long story (all which normally equate out to few page views), it seems to have gotten quite a few views!

    And hey... sorry for bailing out of our conversation so quickly. My brother's visit lasted most of the day which kept me from the computer on Saturday. Sunday's work left me feeling out of sorts (like most Sundays) so really this is the first time I've been able to sit down and catch up since we talked!

    Greta's story sounds interesting and I'll have to check it out. It sounds like it has the type of fiction (all women want to feminize sissies) that I can suspend belief for.

    Since I've disable captcha protection on my blog a week and a half ago, I haven't had any 'spam'. The only issue was it labeling a couple comments improperly as spam and that was easy enough to fix. I've been happy with it so far!

    Nice avatar on the Haven! Although to be honest, the shy demure look isn't something that I often associate with 'Dee'.

    Now on to the question; I do think in terms of TG every day. But that is primarly because I sit at my computer every day. You see really only think that way when in front of the computer. Sure, there are a few stand out moments (like when I purchased some panties!), but generally when I'm away from the computer I'm just not 'Caitlyn'. And not ALL of my time at the computer is spent being Caitlyn.

    I think the biggest difference between my normal personality and my 'Caitlyn' personality is the way's that we look at sex. Caitlyn is fun... I'm fun. I'm naturally curious... so is Caitlyn. I like to chat up people and get into a deeper conversation just as much as Caitlyn does. But when I see an attractive woman I don't wonder if she's going to feminize me. Caitlyn would. When I see an attractive man, I have no sexual feelings toward him.... but boy Caitlyn sure does! So I guess in the everyday things, Caitlyn really is just a female version of me. A horny female version of me!

    1. By the way... the captcha was still working when I posted this.

  4. Ok. I checked again and re-disabled it. Hopefully it will work this time.

  5. First of all, I'd like to comment on the caption you posted here. While I may have begun appreciating more X-themed things, there is a special place in my heart for captions using images like this. It's both calming and beautiful, and seems to tape in to my gentle nature. Always bring things back to heart.

    As for the discussion question, I often wonder if I would be the same person if I were my online persona. From the get-go, I would have made different choices. At the same instance... My online persona exists, doesn't it? And sometimes in real life, I let her take the wheel and just make sure she answers to my name.

    1. I try to balance things out between sweetness and sexual situations, especially when it comes to posting on the blog.

      The above "Caption" was created more as a motivational type thing that I could post when I was doing a weekend Dee-briefs. When I do something like that, it doesn't have to fit any one persons' preferences and I can make it as affirming or naughty as I want. I saw the picture and the heels being carried and the whole Man-up thing just seemed apropos.

      Thank you for the warm compliment.